Wednesday, January 31, 2007


It's been really cold here in the city for the past several days now. The air is cool and somewhat nippy, and it gets really chilly at night, making sleep a restful, blissful experience. This is exactly the kind of weather that I love--it's cool and comfortable, and most important of all, not wet and damp.

This type of weather just makes everything perfect; it's great to walk around outside, even during the afternoon. As I was going through the GMA-7 MRT Station on the way home from work at about 3:30pm, a light, icy breeze was blowing, reminding me of Hong Kong's Kowloon weather around November. It's great, as one rarely gets to experience this kind of weather here, since most of the time it's humid, uncomfortable, and unbearable--or even worse, windy and stormy, no thanks to the typhoons that make this country some kind of airport terminal.

Currently it's about 24 degrees Celsius outside, and getting colder. Perhaps the only bad thing I can think of about this fabulously chilly weather is that it gets really difficult to take a shower or bath, as no matter how hot you make the water, you're hit with a freezing blast of air once you leave the bathroom. But that's something I'd gladly endure instead of sweltering in the heat. It's best to enjoy this time, as we're approaching February, which means that all this wonderful cool weather will soon be a thing of the past. Damn.

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